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Curriculum Vitae :

Laetitia Kohler is a dancer, performer and choreographer.

She was born in 1995, in Delémont, Switzerland. 

At first, she wanted to become an astronautthen a baker "because of the smell". She also started to dance "because I like it" and circus training "because I like the idea of living in a caravan". Later on, she wished to become a librarian "because I liked books". Also, she "chose" to focus on dance over circus by going to encouragement classes for young dancers in Bern at the age of 12. She went then to high school at Lycée cantonal de Porrentruy and expended her dance training at the Basel Dance Academy with Galina Gladkova-Hoffmann.

The Plan B was to study communication and/or psychology at university, as she wished to "become a dancer".  The Plan A worked : she went to study contemporary dance at the Zurich University of Arts. And she won twice the Migros cultural percentage study award scholarship.

Since 2016 she has been working as a dancer, performer, choreographer and dance teacher.

Pursuing her dreams she went to Amsterdam, Netherlands, to dance for Isabelle Beernaert and Sagi Gross; to Würzburg, Germany, to work for Anna Vita at the Mainfranken Theater. In Switzerland, she worked for Theater Basel in Andersen Erzählungen and other freelance projects. She started teaching dance : ballet at Profitraining Basel and Konzert Theater Bern, contemporary, modern dance and parent and kid dance. She founded KoHalition Dance with Sarah Hammond in 2019. She went back to circus working for Cirque Starlight as a co-author, director and choreographer

In the end, she didn't become an astronaut. She did work in a bakery for a time, and still "likes" dancing. She does live in a caravan when she works for Cirque Starlight. She still finds most of her inspiration in books. And working as a freelance artist teaches her communication and psychology among others. 

She loves even more than "likes" dancing. Throughout the years, she developed a way of communication. She believes in the power of movement and dances to share. 


photo credit:  @bobkarman

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