Education & Awards

2016 Migros Culture Percentage study award Scholarship

2015 Migros Culture Percentage study award Scholarship

2017 Bachelor in Contemporary Dance at Zürich University of Arts

2014 Basel Dance Academy by Galina Gladkova Hofmann


Equality, cie Lindh & Weingarthner

September 2020

Alessandro Schiatarella's Master Project, Kunsthaus Baselland

September 2020

"I dance your sounds, you play my moves" #1 Stamm Studio 

August 2020

Mes OmbRages - collaboration with Jeannine Lauffer 

January 2020


Andersen Erzählungen by Philip Stölz / Sol Bilbao at Theater Basel, CH

August 2019 - February 2020

Before you Land by Alba Carbonell Castillo at Tanzinolten Plattform New Ideas II

- Tanzpreis winner of Tanzinolten Plattform New Ideas II

November 2019

Now What ? by Kohalition at Plattform Raw & Polished, Fürth, DE

March - October 2019

Breakclown by Anja Neukomm, Aarau, CH

April - May 2019

Hälfte des Lebens by Luca Signoretti/Arnt Krüger, Zürich, CH

April - June 2019



Cinderella by Anna Vita at Mainfranken Theater Würzburg, DE

February - June 2018

The Origin of Species by Luca Signoretti/Jeannine Lauffer, Zürich, CH

March - June 2018

H an improvisation by Laetitia Kohler, inspired by Mikki Monnin 

January 2018


DayTime Moon by Sagi Gross, Gross Dance Company, Amsterdam, NL

August - October 2017

Fun Of Moving an improvisation by Laetitia Kohler

June 2017

Petruschka by T42 dance projects, Bern, CH, as intern

May - June 2017




Ne Me Quitte Pas by Isabelle Beernaert, BE, as intern

August 2016 - March 2017

Vadry a solo project with Zürich University of Arts

February - June 2016


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