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showreel - Laetitia Kohler
"a distant perception" Solo
Improvisation .mp4




#KNOCHEN Bollwerk

Museum der Anthropologie, Zürich (CH)



Phaneros Pendula Ensemble

Progr, Bern




5th TEACHING ballet

Profitraining Basel

7th TEACHING ballet

Profitraining Basel


ThREE Cie Glitch

Théâtre du Jura


ThREE Cie Glitch

Lokremise, St-Gallen


ThREE Cie Glitch

Immersive Art Space, Zürich

22nd TEACHING ballet

Profitraining Basel

27th & 28th PERFORMANCE

Phaneros Pendula Ensemble

Ackermannshof, Basel




21th & 22th PERFORMANCE

ThREE Cie Glitch
Nebia, Biel/Bienne


Regular classes 


Tuesday 19-20:15

 Contemporary Beginners / Intermediate

Basel Dance Academy, Basel (CH)


Thursday 19:00-20:15


ProBallet Basel (CH)

Friday 17:30-18:15

 Contemporary Advanced level

Basel Dance Academy, Basel (CH)

Sunday 19-20:15

 Contemporary Beginners / Intermediate

Basel Dance Academy, Basel (CH)

I am a dancer, performer, and choreographer.

I was born in 1995 and grew up in Canton Jura, Switzerland.

At first, I wanted to become an astronaut; then a baker because of the smell. I also started to dance because I liked it, and circus training because I like the magic and the idea of living in a caravan. Later on, I wished to become a librarian because I liked books. Also, I chose to focus on dance over circus by going to encouragement classes for young dancers in Bern at the age of 12. I went then to high school at Lycée cantonal de Porrentruy and expanded my dance training at the Basel Dance Academy with Galina Gladkova-Hoffmann.The Plan B was to study communication and/or psychology at university, as I wished to become a dancer. The Plan A worked: I went to study contemporary dance at the Zurich University of Arts. And I won twice the Migros cultural percentage study award scholarship. Since 2016, I have been working as a dancer, performer, choreographer, and dance teacher.

Pursuing my dreams, I went to Amsterdam, Netherlands, to dance for Isabelle Beernaert and Sagi Gross; to Würzburg, Germany, to work for Anna Vita at the Mainfranken Theater. In Switzerland, I worked for Theater Basel in Andersen Erzählungen, Snorkel Rabbit Company and other freelance projects. I founded KoHalition dance with Sarah Hammond in 2019. I went back to circus working for Cirque Starlight as a co-author, director, and choreographer in 2020. In the end, I didn't become an astronaut. I did work in a bakery for a time, and I still love dancing. I did live in a caravan when I worked for Cirque Starlight. I still find most of my inspiration in books. And working as a freelance artist teaches me communication, psychology and management among others.

And now, I still dream of dance because I want to share stories, make people dream, question, interact, and live using the language of dance.
The more I learn, the less I feel like I know, and the more curious I become.

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